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For a Healthy Body, Healthy Home & Healthy Environment

I use and recommend a range of products that are safe and promote a healthy body, healthy home and healthy environment.  I have been using these products for 5 years and have received significant health benefits.

Due to Australian stringent marketing laws I am unable to advertise however if you care to email me at I would be happy to provide the company’s name and details about how you can access these products.  They are too unique to be marketed via mainstream channels.

The products have been scrutinised and fully tested by leading toxicologists who conclude that they are the Safest products in the World (Cancer Prevention Coalition) – what a testament!

In addition to banned ingredients, the company chooses to exclude 3000 controversial ingredients, and guarantees NO harmful or poisonous chemicals, including:

  • NO sodium lauryl sulfate
  • NO propylene glycol
  • NO diethanolamine or triethanolamine (DEA or TEA)
  • NO phthalates
  • NO formaldehyde
  • NO sodium fluoride
  • NO talc
  • NO hydroquinone

You can be assured of:

  • pure ingredients (not just organic or natural)
  • the safest formulations
  • formulations that feed your body
  • products that are NOT tested on animals
  • products that are environmentally friendly
  • a highly reputable Company that has been Caring for Consumers for over 20 years
  • online ordering with delivery to your door within 3 days (depending on where you live)
  • access to important information regarding your health and the environment
  • the opportunity to increase your income (if that is something that interests you)

For more information email me at:

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