Gardasil, the cervical cancer vaccine – what does the future hold?

November 22nd, 2009 by EcoHealthGuru Leave a reply »

What do we know of the long-term effects of this ridiculous vaccine?  The short-term effects haven’t been impressive, what with horrific side-effects and death?!! My biggest concern is the future reproduction ability of our beautiful girls.  The ingredients of the vaccine speak for themselves – ingredients that affect the nervous system, cause sterility in rats, are carcinogenic and mutagenic (cause birth defects).  Is there an alterior motive for this mass vaccination?  Perhaps an attempt to reduce the population?   Somebody please tell me how a toxic cocktail of aluminium, boric acid, polysorbate 80, L-histidine and MSG is going to reduce cervical cancer statistics?

And to my daughter’s GP who informed her that it was her body and that she didn’t have to listen to her mother (me) – where will you be when my daughter is crying on my shoulder because she can’t conceive or she has cancer?  Are you providing a guarantee with that needle?  I don’t think so!!

Please people, do your research and be VERY skeptical when it comes to vaccinations.  And look at preventing cervical cancer through education and by reducing the toxic load on the body, organic fresh food and high quality supplements.

Check out why NOT Gardasil & the Gardasil Action Group – – created by a devastated father of a vibrant and beautiful 14 year old girl who has been bed-ridden for 1 year following the Gardasil vaccine.

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  1. Hi
    I’m writing from New Zealand where I looked into Gardasil as we have a daughter. What I uncovered shocked me into setting up a website for other parents and girls to access information that their GPs will not inform them of. So please check it out and post it onto others if you wish.

    I totally agree with what your saying. I too, feel that this vaccine will render many young girls sterile.
    There is no need for Gardasil, when you truely look at the “actual facts”, my reasoning is there is another motive behind HPV vaccines and it certainly doesn’t include the health of our daughters.

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