Botox – Dying to Look Young!!

September 20th, 2011 by EcoHealthGuru Leave a reply »

Why would anyone want to do this to themselves? Even before you learn what it is, check out the possible side-effects – seizures, convulsions, anaphylactic shock, pneumonia and, you guessed it, that old standby side-effect – DEATH !!

Botox is a proprietary form of botulinum toxin, and is the most deadly of all the varieties of this food poison. Just Google ‘Botulism’…

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, botulinum is so deadly that just 1 gram of its pure crystalline form can wipe out a million people. Even the US Government is considering it for biological welfare – and people PAY to have it injected into their faces?!

Of course, it can cause temporary improvement in wrinkles, but at what cost? Perhaps ask one of the strange stiff-looking faces of a not-so-young movie star if they would do it all again.

There are safer, more effective and more economical ways to looking young and living long. Want to know my secret? Email me…

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