Colostrum – for us BIG Babies!

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We all know that colostrum (the before milk!) provides the best start for babies.   Well good news – us big kids can get it into us too!!

Colostrum contains many important growth factors which promote healing and actually create an anti-aging response.  It can act like a natural antibiotic and can rebuild, boost & balance the immune system.

Independent medical studies show that colostrum’s growth factors:

  • Regenerate and accelerate normal growth of aged or injured muscle, bone, cartilage, skin collagen and nerve tissue;
  • Help burn fat for fuel instead of muscle tissue in times of fasting (diet);
  • Help build and retain lean muscle;
  • Repair our body’s vital DNA and RNA;
  • Balance and regulate blood sugar levels;
  • Heal burns, surgeries, cuts, abrasions and mouth sores with topical application;
  • Control infection and pain associated with gingivitis, sensitive teeth and dental work;
  • Help regulate blood glucose levels and “brain chemicals”, providing alertness and better concentration;
  • Help regulate the brain’s “feel-good” chemicals to brighten our moods.

I have given it to my 4 year old for a couple of years now, and low and behold, he never gets sick!!

Click here to read the full article on how colostrum can help us big babies too!   For more information and a pure source of colostrum please email me



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